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California’s Most Famous Tourist Attraction - Yosemite National Park

Located circa 200 miles east of San Francisco lies one of the most popular parks in the US – Yosemite National Park. This park receives over 3 million tourists each year every eager to explore the charming landscape, steep cliffs and attractive waterfalls the place has on offer. It takes circa 3-4 hours to steer from San Francisco to Yosemite National Park by road, but the trip is well worth it as there is so much in place for you including hiking, rafting in Merced River, professional photography, camping, horseback riding, biking, snowshoeing at the Badger Pass, and skiing.

Yosemite National Park is particularly popular among mountain climbers thanks to the 3500ft vertical granite wall of the famous El Captain. Even though the park spans 308283 ha , the most famous part among tourists is the 7 square miles of the Yosemite Valley. The park is most visited starting from early spring to early September i.e. from February to May.

Entrance fee in Yosemite National Park is $20 per car and is valid for seven days. You can opt to steer around the park yourself but the management encourages using the free available shuttle buses heading to most popular spots for purposes of ensuring the park remains free of pollution and of course to maintain uniformity and the park’s natural charm. The only place you are allowed to buy food while in the park is Yosemite Valley. While every the main roads are well maintained and beautifully plowed over the snow season, the National Park Service management expects that every drivers driving private vehicles carry tire chains. Even though high traffic is very common particularly at the entrance, it is always worth it keeping in mind the charm that awaits you ahead.

Tioga Pass – this is circa 9950ft high from the ground level and provides stunning views of the national park. Tioga Pass is only accessible over the summer months around June and July since the place is located at a height that receives quite heavy snow during the winter months. You will also receive an opportunity to look some charming wildflowers and sequoias.

Half Dome – this is a granite dome in the park found on the eastern part of the Yosemite Valley. It is arguably the most familiar sight of the park, with its crest rising to over 4,737ft over the floor of the valley.

Glacier Point Road -- this is circa a 30 miles steer from the main visitor’s middle and is always open from tardy May to November. The Road gives the most impressive and stunning views from the height. Most tourists will take short stops, hike and take pictures.

Tunnel View – This spectacular sight is located south of the Valley Floor at the east portal of the Wawona tunnel. The tunnel view is simply breathtaking. This popular spot is one of the most photographed views of the valley.

Mariposa Grove -- this is the biggest grove of huge sequoias in Yosemite National Park. The biggest Tree – Grizzly Giant is around 1800 years old.

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Beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

After leaving the Spokane airport we motored down Interstate 90 to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. We had decided to spend the night there after the long flight and to split up the 5 hour steer to Kootnay Lake. After checking in at the Hampton Inn we drove around town. The town is surrounded by forests and mountains and sits in a spectacular setting on the north shore of one of America's most beautiful lakes, Lake Coeur d'Alene. It is no wonder that Coeur d'Alene has been called the "Playground of the Northwest". It seemed like everyone was sailing, boating, skiing or swimming, trying to take advantage of the beautiful summer day. And there are two major ski resorts in the nearby mountains for winter fun.

We had an early dinner at Beverly's on the 7th floor of the huge Coeur d'Alene Resort. As you can look the view was fantastic. We sat at one of the tables by the window and enjoyed watching the boaters arrive in to the dock and the kids jumping off the 20' rock cliffs into the lake. There were also several double decker boats offering dinner cruises for the tourists.

Although Beverly's is a five star restaurant their food was well over our expectations. The desk clerk at the Hampton had given us a couple of free Beverly drink tickets and while we were enjoying our before dinner drinks the cook sent out a couple of lobster corndogs. They were a tiny piece of lobster on a stick, dipped in corndog batter and fried just like corndogs at the carnival. Never seen anything like them but the were delicious!

Beverly's has a several thousand bottle floor-to-ceiling wine display with a two million dollar wine inventory, so needless to say we ordered a bottle of our favorite Ken Wright Abbott Claim Vineyard pinot noir for dinner. They had three different vintages on the wine list!

I started out with their Sweet Onion Soup which was the best, richest French Onion Soup I have ever tasted and Susan had the Caesar Salad with shaved Parmesan-Reggiano cheese. For the main course Susan had the rack of lamb and I ordered the Muscovy Duck prepared three ways- Chinese five-spice roasted breast, caramelized leg and seared foie gras on jasmine rice.

We thought we were through but then out came a complimentary dessert. It was absolutely unique. Continuing with the carnival theme they made a hollow tower of cotton candy and inside the tower was a scoop of homemade blueberry ice cream with a birthday candle on it. By then it was dark and the candle flickered through the cotton candy in a charming way. We had to eat our way through the cotton candy to receive to the ice cream. Tough job but we did it!

Coeur d'Alene is a fascinating place to visit and Beverly's a delightful dining experience. Highly recommended.

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Scuba Diving in Akumal Mexico

Photo by Craig Grobler

Photo by Craig Grobler

Whether you’re an experienced diver or wanting to learn the art, Akumal provides the perfect ecological setting to view amazing specimens of natural beauty underwater.  Akumal is a tourist resort community located 62 miles south of Cancun, between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, with a tiny local population of 1,198.

The name “Akumal” means “place of the turtles” in Mayan language.  Surrounding bodies of water and fine, white sandy beaches provide the perfect setting for many sea turtles’ breeding grounds.

Akumal was founded in 1958 specifically as a community for scuba divers to experience the many species and types of turtles which call the area “home”.  Akumal Bay and Half Moon Bay provide optimal opportunities to survey the land and underwater life via diving tours and expeditions.

For experienced divers, local dive shops offer a variety of exciting diving trips to the 30 reef sites which include shipwrecks, cenotes and caverns and a breathtaking amount of marine life that you can look. The dive store makes every the arrangements and you can rent a tank, mask, flippers and anything else you need. You can book an every day diving excursion or if you are more adventurous, you can dive the caves, caverns and cenotes that make Akumal famous. People from every over the world arrive to explore the cenotes and caves of Akumal and this tiny village is truly a diver’s paradise.

Dive shops also tutor courses so you can receive certified to dive in open water. They tutor at every levels from resort course to advanced cave diving.  And what better place to learn to dive than Akumal, one of the best places in the world to go diving? These PADI Certified Instructors will guide you through the process of certification so you can like exploring the wonders of the reef that awaits you in Akumal.

Cavern and cave diving is a popular activity for tourists.  These caves are called “cenote”, which means “sacred well” in Mayan.  Dive packages offer several destinations and different depths of diving, group packages, equipment rental and instruction to fit varying diver needs.

One of the shallow diving sites which are very popular is Cuevas de Tiburones.  This site features reef overhangs which provide an optimum sleeping spot for nurse sharks.  Las Redes offers an abundance of marine life, schools of fish, barracudas, stingrays, lobsters and sea turtles.  Yal-ku is a popular feeding site chock full of Elkhorn coral structures, tunnels and lobster.

Other shallow dives are found at Dick’s Reef and Motorcycle Reef.  Motorcycle Reef is named so for the 15-year-old motorcycle which is now covered with live coral and plankton that nourishes local ocean life.

Deep divers like an afternoon at Tzimin-Ha, which features ruins from a 20-foot fishing boat wreck.  Dives up to 100’ deep are found at Trigger Fish, which is a favorite deep dive spot for locals.  Here, widespread patches of coral contrast with the sandy white beaches among various forms of tropical fish for a colorful array of rare surroundings.

Xaar Beach and Gonzalo’s Reef offer various types of feeding grounds for several different species of sea turtles for a once-in-a-lifetime diving experience.  Xaar features reef fingers reaching 30’ up from the ocean floor, as well as turtles, nurse sharks and stingrays.  Gonzalo’s Reef is famous for its big and vivid reef fingers; visitors are virtually guaranteed a view of Hawksbill, Green, or Loggerhead turtles which use the area for feeding and play time.

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Spend a Day at Mexico’s Xel-Ha with

Xel-Ha photo by ®oberto
Xel-Ha is known as a unique eco-park located south of Playa del Carmen, about 15 minutes from our villa in Akumal. It lies on the eastern coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula, the archaeological site of the Mayans in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.

Multiple leisure, ecological and natural attractions offer activities for the entire family to like themselves. The unique open-sea aquarium allows visitors to view ocean life in their natural habitats unaltered and not disturbed.

Swimming with trained dolphins is also a popular activity for tourists, which is not found easily in surrounding areas. Animal and nature lovers like spending time in the water with these gentle creatures, and have a wonderful story to bring home to their family and friends!

Snorkeling is also ideal in the local lagoon. The coral is dead there, but regular feeding keeps the many types of colorful fish returning for more. Some snorkelers will have another party feed the fish while they view the swimming visitors from below.

There is a river which starts in a natural spring, and inner tubes are available to float to the end. This provides a relaxing complement to an afternoon nap in a hammock on one of the local beaches as well.

More adventurous spirits like climbing and diving from the local cliffs in Xel-Ha, exploring the Mayan cave, and touring the local Xel-Ha ruins. These ruins are largely untouched and totally original, with a unique look into past centuries and architectural contributions.

Hammock Island, Xpa, Bay of Caprices and The Beach are popular hotspots for those who wish to lounge and experience the leisurely activities at Xel-Ha. Chacah Garden, the Mayan Wall, the Apiary and Plant Nursery provide unique ecological attractions for plant life lovers. Natural wonders are also seen at the Inlet, El Dorado Cavern, Ixchel’s Gulf, the Mayan Cave, Chaac Mangal, and many Cenotes.

When visiting Akumal, Xen-Ha is an easy day trip that will please the entire family and offer plenty of varying activities. Reasonably priced and unique to the area, activities middle around relaxation, fun and exploring historical and natural wonders.

Water sport lovers will like the inner tube ride, cliff diving and snorkeling in the lagoon. Nature lovers like swimming with the dolphins and exploring the multiple forms of plant and animal life in the area, and those curious of the historical roots of the Peninsula have plenty of opportunity to explore Mayan ruins and advanced architectural influences for that era.

Our kids and grandchildren always plan spending the whole day at Xel-Ha every time they visit Akumal. There is so much to do they never receive sleepy of returning year after year. They like riding a bicycle through a path in the jungle, jumping off cliffs into the limpid blue sea, swimming with the dolphins, and walking through stingrays on the bottom of the sea.

This year for the first time they signed up for the Sea Trek. They wore a technologically advanced helmet that looks like deep-sea diving equipment. Sea trek required no previous training, diving or otherwise. Experts will be close at hand at every times during the walk, aiding them in every way and satisfying every curiosity concerning the aquatic walk of a lifetime. They every said it was a walk they would never forget!

We highly recommend you visit Xel-Ha on your next trip to the Yucatan.

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Visit Mexico


Mexico is one of the most desired tourism places to visit in the world among most people. This city is huge and has many tourist spots that are fantastic tourist spots and also very popular as tourist destinations in the world. Mexico is one place that suits for any nice of visit, be it with your family, with your friends, alone or even a romantic honeymoon. The place has many wonderful landmarks and many beaches which steer a number of tourists from every over the world.


Mexico also has a billion dollar industry which is dedicated strictly to please the visitors and tourists with full dedication in making them have a great time in the city. However the experience of a tour is best experienced if you have a pre packaged tour from a good tourist company. These tourism companies in Mexico would be surely dedicated and to make sure that the visitors have a great time on vacation in the city and go home with a complete satisfaction and memorable time and also with lots of wonderful images and videos of the amazing sights in the city.


Every year, millions and billions of people turn over to this place from every over the world for holidays, making this place so special and famous. This is why it is obvious to say that Mexico is a stunning country where anyone would and should go to in their life to experience the ultimate tourism experience. This place is a very wealthy and diverse country, so you will sure have a lot in stake to look even on the end of your trip if you go to the place with few days in hand. For this reason, to have the best time in Mexico, visit the pace with lots of time in hand. You will surely adore the place and the experience of being to such a fascinating city.


Mexico is the best in providing friendly atmosphere and offers the best culture inherited from ancient times. The city also offers a great variety of food, a number of cultures that one would adore to witness and also architectures and impressive and influencing traditions that are so unique that it would be a remarkable experience for someone who would visit the place for the first time.

Mexico has a number of places to visit but what makes it harder is choosing what every places to visit when you are in short of time or when you would expect to look the best part of the city. So here is a list of the best places that one must visit when they are in Mexico to look the most fascinating side of Mexico.

Along the coast of Sea of Cortez: in this part, you can find a number of beautiful beaches, ports and villages where it would be best to spend the holiday with the best moments.

La Paz: La Paz is typically the true Mexico. It gives you an old world charisma with a primitive lifestyle of the place making it a place with preserved culture of Mexico. This place is stunning in its beauty.

Isla Partida: This place is a wonderful island and one of the most beautiful places in Mexico which cannot be missed at any cost. Many water sports and adventures can be experienced and also scuba diving is allowed to explore the blue deep water and have a thrilling experience.

Puerto Vallarta: Said to be the liveliest and most sophisticated towns of Mexico which is encircled by wooden hills and a stunning bay on either sides of the place.

Acapulco: This is a party pace in Mexico. The most vibrant places of the city can be found in this place and the beaches give an exuberant effect to the party place with their golden sand and the posh cafes and pubs to chill and like your time

Manzanillo: This part of the city is a very busy port town. The place is best to spend time along the beach in the sun and also to have a great time in nightclubs and restaurants to witness the energetic nightlife.

Mazatlan: Mazatlan is a destination that is one of its kinds in the world. It is also a historic town and the beach here is very popular. The town has marvelous cobbled streets and alleys that guide to the historic buildings. There are also tiny hotels that serve the best food in Mexico and the town also has museums that preserve the ancient culture of Mexico and displaying the wealthy cultural heritage of Mexico.


People using dollars, euro and pounds will have a lot to spend in Mexico. And I mean, they will have a lot money in exchange since peso’s exchange rate against US dollar remains almost stable in every times thus making almost anyone think of Mexico as an affordable traveling destination for a holiday. Living expenses here in Mexico can be as low as just $75 to $125 for each person a day which is quite less compared to other tourism spots. People traveling with strict Budgets can manage to stay in hostels managing accommodation as well as meals for a day for as low as $40.

HOW TO receive THERE


Tourists from US and Canadian will be allowed to enter Mexico without a passport provided they have a SSN card or any photo identification such as a driver’s license along with a proof of citizenship.

However like other tourists and other travel routines, it is always better to travel with a passport since almost every place is used to the passport facility and protocols. This will reduce chances of delay.


People willing to visit Mexico over water can travel via a cruise boat. The Caribbean cruise is for this purpose and travels from South Eastern US or you can also catch the Mexican Riviera cruise that leaves from California, both of which may cost around $1000 US per person.

By land:

To reach the place by land, by your possess vehicle, the documents required are listed below. These are strictly mandatory and a temporary vehicle import allow is also to be issued before you leave to Mexico. These permits can be issued at any of the offices when you are about to cross borders close posts that are a few kilometers into Mexico. The fee will arrive to around US$29.70.

Original documents of the tourist card obtained at the border, registration certificate for the vehicle, a Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card, a proof of citizenship such as passport or voter’s card and a driver’s license are every mandatory.

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The Tourist Attractions of Calgary

The largest city in the Province of Alberta, Canada is Calgary, which lies on the southern, grassland part of Alberta province. The city is located circa 50 miles east of the front ranges of the famous Canadian Rockies, and is surrounded by many high plains and foothills. The city of Calgary is maintained by the petroleum, agriculture, high-tech, and tourism industries. It was the first Canadian City to host the World Olympic Winter games in 1988. There are two major rivers running across the city of Calgary – the Bow River located close the downtown part of the city and the Elbow River flowing northwards towards the Bow River.

With that said, the city of Calgary is a wonderful destination, thanks to the many tourist attractions that await tourists. It offers the best shopping experience with great bargains on souvenirs and collectibles that you can take back home with you, great sporting activities, of course and great viewing and exploring activities, from the many city landmarks the place boasts of, to numerous national parks, vast parklands, and unrivaled fine bistros, bars, and restaurants that serve delicious delicacies sampled from every over the world.

One place that you must visit when on a holiday in Calgary is the Aero Space Museum – the only place you will be able to learn about the history that surrounds the Aero Space industry. You will receive to learn about the different guides who encouraged the human species to look beyond the world limits. It is at the Aero Space Museum where you will also learn the history of the mighty men, and perhaps women, who helped protect and guard the country Canada operating from the skies. Lastly, the Aero Space museum will educate and enlighten you on the airline evolution and the milestones the space industry has made since its start.

The other must visit while on holiday in Calgary is the Calgary Zoo, boasting of a wide selection of varied animal species, some native to Africa and Australia. Not only will you receive to look the traditional zoo residents as expected of any major national zoo, there is a part of the zoo that houses displays of prehistoric animals, hence offers a great opportunity to learn about the animals that existed decades ago. The Calgary Zoo is a great attraction for both young and old, making it an ideal one for family day outs.

Away from the zoo and museums, another Calgary tourist attraction that is a must-look is the Calgary tower, soaring over 525 ft over the ground level. The observation deck of this skyscraper gives you an amazing opportunity to view the city of Calgary and its environs through a glass floor.

With such like attractions, it makes sense why many tourists throng the airports each holiday season headed to Calgary. You are guaranteed of a fun filled vacation, whether you go as a family or a group of friends. The next time you plan on taking a holiday in Canada, Calgary is well worth a visit, with its pristine attractions and charm.

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Riverside, Iowa

You would be very difficult pressed to find anyone in America who has not heard of Captain James T. Kirk. That’s right it is the famous Star Trek hero who has fascinated us with his exploits for many years. The starship Enterprise captain was born in the city of Riverside on the 22nd of March in the year 2228. Just behind a former barbershop location in this town stands a tiny plaque which proudly marks the spot where the famous captain will eventually be born.

Due to the sticky copyright laws currently in existence the city was unable to display either a bust of their most famous citizen captain or one of his renowned starship. In its place the town has christened a remarkable similar image of their possess known as the USS Riverside. This USS Enterprise look same sites in the local town square for every to view.

In the nearby area you will find local shops with names such as “blossom Trek” or “Future Designs by Carol”. Every year on the anniversary of James T. the area is swamped with Star Trek fans as they make their way from store to store in search of important and valuable memorabilia. The annual Riverside Riverfest has even had its name changed to the Trek Fest in order to cash in on this popularity phase.

It is not unusual to look fans walking down streets of the town with various Starfleet uniforms on or perhaps you will catch sight of a Vulcan or Klingon as well. So involved are the fans that one could easily mistake the town square as being part of the Star Trek filming set at the studio.

Let’s face it, no self respecting Star Trek fan could ever go home without purchasing one of the tiny vials of Kirk dirt for a mere $3.00. Think how amused your friends will be when you display this container of dirt in your home that was dug up from the captains very possess birth place. You are sure to be the envy of any Trek fan out there.

In August of 2008, the city opened and dedicated the Voyage Home Museum to display the history of Riverside and its claim to Star Trek fame. It also contains a Time Capsule as well as a replica of the USS Riverside starship. During its opening ceremonies actor Walter Koenig of Pavel Chekov fame was on hand to examine the two room display and give it his Star Trek blessing.

The Voyage Home Riverside History middle isn’t a lot to look with its mere two rooms but if you happen to be passing that way you really should cease and take a look.

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Congratulations to our Entrecard Top Droppers for September!
We appreciate you 'dropping' by our blog.

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Thank you, Hertz!

After arriving in Spokane, WA we picked up our luggage and headed to the Hertz car rental counter. We had a free upgrade deal so we decided on a Cadillac DTS. The Manager was nice enough to walk us out to our car and along the way we passed this fly yellow Corvette. We both said at the same time, "How about swapping for this car?". And believe it or not, she said "OK". So we receive this fun convertible at a great price! And then it hit us. We've got enough luggage to fill up a pickup truck. After much repacking, stuffing things in every nook, filling up behind the seats, putting a suitcase on the console between us and putting the relax below our feet we got it every in somehow. You should have seen the look on the customs officer at the Canadian border! We looked just like the Clampetts.

Driving the crooked roads in the Canadian Rockies is fantastic! The car corners and accelerates like a dream. It almost makes us feel young again. And if anybody from Hertz is reading this, I really didn't go as quick as your GPS says I did.

Seriously, if you ever need a car rental, check out Hertz. There's a reason they are #1.

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Auckland New Zealand

When we were in New Zealand a few years ago we rode the Shotover Jet.  It was exciting to say the least!  the boat drivers are maniacs.  Anyway, we survived and thoroughly enjoyed our week in this beautiful country. 

Auckland is one of the largest cities in New Zealand and a very prominent tourist hub, thanks to the number of things to look and do in and around the city. Whether you want an activity that will pump your adrenalin such as sky jumping, you can receive yourself strapped up and jump off from the tallest building in Auckland, the Sky Tower. If that sounds a bit more daring for you, why not go bungee jumping and wean yourself into sky jumping for your next holiday in Auckland? Away from adrenalin intriguing activities, you can also like less intriguing activities such as taking excursions at the charming botanical gardens, taking safaris and even visiting the aquariums where you receive to look the dolphin and whales among other aquamarines.

Lovers of history will not be disappointed in Auckland thanks to the numerous museums. Alternatively, you can visit the Howick Historical Village and receive to experience wealthy architecture at its finest from the Maori buildings which are home to numerous historical artifacts from within and without the region. If you like, you can hire a Maori Guided tour who will guide you in the area and tell to you the ancient stories about the historical tribes that reside in the Howick Historical Village. The region has so much to do and look that you will need a lot of time, a month to be precise, to be able to explore every there is to.

Do you adore nature and wouldn’t mind to take a 90km flight or cruise outside the Great Barrier Island? Then you might want to explore the pristine paradise that has amazing bird and marine life and very charming native forests. Auckland has endless spots for exploration and an overabundance of sporting activities to engage in.

Auckland Beaches
The east coast and west coast beaches are the closest of beaches around Auckland, offering charming clean sand beaches and ideal waters for swimming and engaging in water sporting activities. If you wish to engage in surfing, head on to the west coast beaches. The best thing about Auckland Beaches is that they are within an hour’s steer from the heart of the city.

Auckland boasts the most vivacious, engaging, and entertaining nightlife. Elegant bars and venues are located at the waterfront, offering a picturesque panoramic view of the beaches. Being a cosmopolitan city, you will be lost for options when it comes to entertainment from comedy shows, to theater performances, trendy bars, and flashy casinos, and clubs that will ensure you shake you leg till morning.

The best way to remember a destination is to take something with you, whether it is a gift souvenir for you or for a loved one. Luckily, Auckland has numerous up market elegant designer shops and department stores selling home wares, fashion clothing, jewelry and a lot more. There are flea open markets that stock tourist souvenirs such as arts and crafts and locally handmade carvings. Such a wide variety only means that there is something for everyone no matter the budget.

Auckland boasts of the best restaurants and cafés within and without the city, selling mouthwatering international and local delicacies to satisfy every taste bud. The most popular type of food in Auckland is sea food thus be prepared to sample it prepared in different recipes.

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The Internet @ 36,000 feet

Well, this is a first for me. We're flying to Spokane, WA today where we are going to rent a car and steer to Canada to visit friends at their mountain cabin on beautiful Kootenay Lake in British Columbia. We're Delta Frequent Fliers and they sent me a free pass to try their GoGo system which provides DSL in-flight. So here I am 7 miles over the earth posting to this blog. It works quite well.

I'll try to post a couple of times while on the trip so you can like what we are seeing. We are taking it easy and spending tonight in Coeur d' Alene, ID. wish I can pronounce Coeur d' Alene correctly if I have to ask directions!

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Kayacking the Colorado

No trip to Colorado would be complete without doing a little bit of Kayaking on the famous Colorado River. The only problem in my case was that we had never done such a thing before and had no idea how to even go about doing it.

After setting up our camp for the next couple of evenings we proceeded to check out the other camps that we saw around the area. The people were friendly and a few of them were even planning to do a little kayaking themselves. When they saw that we expressed an interest in the activity as well, the conversations began to flow even easier.

I explained to them that we were basically a kayaking greenhorns and after the laughter cleared they explained that many of the people who arrive in the area had never before been in a kayak so the idea was not foreign to the class instructors. They explained where we could go to receive beginner instructions and even to rent the necessary equipment for the trip.

That afternoon we followed their instructions and approached one of the many kayak training centers around the river. The owner understood completely what my predicament was and offered many valuable suggestions. Within his store were a vast array of gear designed specifically for kayaking and upon leaving every we had to do was bring a swim suit and a towel.

The lessons were scheduled to start the following morning and we arrived bright and early waiting patiently for our instructor to receive to work. The kayaking lessons covered safety on the water, paddle skills that are required as well as the necessary outfitting techniques for this water sport.

My classes were conducted with what is generally referred to as a “duckie”. These are nothing more then inflatable kayaks which are used exclusively for the training classes. we must admit that we often times felt a slight bit silly taking the same classes that several 11 year olds were completing but at least we were learning the fundamentals properly.

In case you are wondering about the location of the classes. We were not actually taking our classes on the river but rather in a very big pool. Colorado offers kayak classes year round and uses common swimming pools as a place of instruction. According to when and where you sign up you can perhaps find classes that are developed for group instruction, a one on one tutoring or like we did in the open pool session which was available for everyone.

The instructors were well certified in whitewater kayaking and the program was more then adequate for our needs. If we had been more experienced we would have signed up for the more advanced courses. Who knows maybe the next trip we will further develop our kayaking skills.

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Take the Kids to Maine!

It is always a difficult task to try and arrive up with interesting activities for the kids when they accompany you on your trips around the country. Notice I say it may be difficult but it is not impossible. As an example, we decided to take a vacation to the state of Maine and as anyone would guess there simply is not an abundance of things for kids to do. We still decided that there was sufficient interest on our part to visit this great part of America and as such we decided to still complete our travel plans.

Most visitors to Maine never consider the possibility that Maine could also be considered a farm wealthy area. There are in fact a vast number of actual working farms located in this section of the nation. We decided that one way in which we could like the state’s great outdoor environment as well as to provide the kids with some interesting activities was to spend the day on one of the many animal farms in the state. The kids were actually excited about this prospect as they would be able to look what happens on the farm while getting to know and understand other kids.

We were fortunate enough to locate a farm in Rockport that does exactly that. It was the Aldermere Farm. As you approach this vast farm you will start to look acres of beautiful pasture land filled with the cows known as Belted Galloways. These are an interesting breed of cow in that they have a band of white which goes completely around their mid sections of their bodies. Besides seeing these unusual cows the farm offers the visitors a variety of seasonal tours as well as established activity programs.

No farm visit of course could be complete without a side trip to nearby Jefferson’s Blueberry Hills Farm. You will find a vast array of farm animals here ranging from cows, and cattle, pigs, Shetland ponies, chickens and goats. Before you depart this farm you are offered the opportunity to purchase some of the finest organic produce in the area. In addition you can even watch them make their possess syrup as they tap into their maple trees each year.

In the fall you will look how busy the farms apple orchards become as the harvest begins. There is always something going on around the farm at every times of the year. Often you will find that many of the farms act as bed and breakfast inns allowing you to remain on the farm as long as you so desire.

As you can readily look traveling to just about any area of the nation can be an exciting adventure for not only the adults but the kids as well.

Or you could take the kids to Mexico. We have a home for Rent in Akumal, Mexico.

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Illinois State Military Museum

When I travel around the country I try to find unusual sites or those which have an interesting story behind them. During my trip several years ago through the city of Springfield in Illinois, I chanced upon a Mexican generals leg.

Many history buffs will recall the Mexican general known in both counties as Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. That’s right this is the same Mexican army general who had ordered his troops to attack the Alamo and ultimately killed the legendary Davy Crockett and the brave defenders of the Alamo.

Unknown to many people is the fact that the general had a fake leg installed as a result of a war related injury. Santa Anna had his real leg amputated due to an accident resulting from cannon ball flame during his battle with the French in 1838. It wasn’t until 1847 that the 4th Illinois Infantry division solders captured the general’s leg.

During an episode of the King of the Hill cartoon series mention was made of the general’s artificial leg and how it was captured by the Americans. During the cartoon it was shown that the Mexican government was secretly plotting to re-capture the general’s leg and return it to its rightful place in Mexico, although there is actually no truth to this part of the cartoon. The kidnapping story was merely something created to spice up the King of the Hill cartoon.

After the cartoon appeared it seemed like everyone in the country wanted to take a look at the general’s wooden leg but few people realized at the time that it was sitting in central Illinois.

The famous leg is now a part of the Illinois State Military Museum in Springfield. The legend states that Santa Anna was having lunch while his troops were busy battling American soldiers and as he was indulging in his food he was promptly surrounded and surprised by the members of the 4th Infantry. In order to keep his life he hopped away on one leg leaving behind his wooden leg as a remembrance. Initially the soldier who grabbed the leg showed it off at various fairs around Illinois charging a dime per peek for people to look it but in 1922 it was entrusted to the care of the Illinois National Guard.

Many people inquire as to why there has been no attempt by the Mexicans to retrieve the general’s leg and the answer is simple – the people hated him. The man died friendless and alone while in exile. His people disliked him so much that upon his death he was given a pauper's burial.

You can not tie up a complete day at the museum but it is certainly worth a cease while on your way just to take a glance at the general’s famous leg.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

Of every the cities in Louisiana there can be no doubt that the most popular one of every has to be New Orleans. The city is prominently known worldwide for its historic architecture, fantastic food and its Bourbon road nightlife. And over the years I have enjoyed them every numerous times.

However, recently we are every familiar with the devastating effects that Hurricane Katrina has had on the city and the people themselves. When visiting New Orleans you can look how these proud people are slowly putting their life back together again in an effort to normalize their day to day activities.

It is difficult for us to imagine the emotional upset that these people have gone through. I can not even start to think of sitting on the roof to my home waiting for someone to possibly rescue me as the water levels continue to rise. It was devastating enough for me to watch the situations unfold on the television let alone to be there in person. However, they are proud and strong people and are making a great comeback.

Don’t just make a quick glance at the devastation but take one of the Hurricane Katrina Tours. Here you can be presented with an opportunity to experience firsthand what this horrid weather phenomenon has done to this city. This demoralizing natural disaster can be followed from its entry into the city to its hasty leave as well. You will be afforded the opportunity to follow the New Orleans timeline of events as your knowledgeable tour guide explains each location to you.

The Katrina tour begins with a normal New Orleans where you learn about it wealthy history and receive to sample some of its excellent culture. You will visit the colorful French quarter which is located along the banks of the mighty Mississippi river. Your tour guide will take you past the actual levy that drowned the city in water during the hurricane and resulted in the devastation which displaced thousands of New Orleans residents to areas across the country.

Your guide will recount the chronology of events which led up to the actual hurricane as well as the days after. The tour will take you for a view of every the major areas that were damaged as a result of the hurricane such as Lakeview, New Orleans East, Genrilly and St. Bernard.

This particular tour will instill a new found perspective on the events which occurred as a result of the hurricane several years ago. The complete tour will last for approximately 3 hours and is well worth the time to travel around the city. This is a popular attraction to the city and when planning your visit you may wish to confirm reservations for the tour prior to arrival.

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Festivities in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great place to visit during one of their many festivals. Why? Because excitement abounds and the festivities will offer you an experience that will last you a lifetime, and one that will make you want to return to Barcelona and do it every over again. The history of the city of Barcelona creates an amalgamation of ancient pagan rituals and today’s strong sense of religion, culminating in great celebrations that can go on for days on end.

tardy February running through the 3rd of March there is the Carnival which takes place at night. Carnival was banned by the Franco dictatorship but today people receive to like the most exciting carnival experience ever. On the last day they celebrate Saint Medir with a noisy procession and singing choirs.

In the beginning of the month of March marks the beginning of the Holy Week with a palm session for the Palm Sunday. As expected, festivities throughout the week will be religious and solemn in nature, until Easter Sunday when celebrations start anew. Festivities will run through to Easter Monday which happens to be a pagan holiday.

April marks the celebrations honoring Saint Jordi which also combines with rose and book festivities. It is a time in which Pagan meets religion in these engaging and entertaining, and at times guttural, celebrations.

June sees the start of the El Grec celebrations which are marked by dancing, events, concerts, and a series of performances.

The month of August sees Barcelonans and visitors celebrate the Feast of the Assumption which is marked with festivities and parties and great feasts.

September introduces to you the Festivity of La Merce (the patron saint of Barcelona), a period characterized by parades and dancing. You receive sporting activities such as judo tournaments, sailing regattas, walking races, and even swimming competitions. Pagan rituals and religious ceremonies coincide harmoniously during this period.

The Month of December as expected is equally full of festivities, with Santa Lucia starting from the start of the month every through to Christmas. Santa Lucia is characterized by the annual crib fare which traditionally starts at the cathedral area. Santa Lucia festivities will merge with the Christmas Traditions to result in a very interesting combination of pagan rituals and religious anticipation. Generally though, the main celebration of Christmas is a private home affair.

Ushering the New Year is one of the biggest celebrations in Barcelona with people in the restaurants, bars, and even the streets dressing up for the party. The atmosphere is normally a carnival one and as the clock ticks towards twelve, the strike of 12 sees people eat twelve grapes in tandem with each of the chimes.

Ensure you make note of every of the festivities in Barcelona when planning your holiday and join in the festivities. Many restaurants and stores are closed during the celebrations so plan ahead.

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Top Rated Dive Destinations Around the World

Diving is a very popular water sport today, with more and more people traveling the world over in search of the best reefs. Here is a list of the leading diving destinations worldwide.

Costa Del Sol, Spain
There are great diving opportunities along the entire coastline stretching downwards to Gibraltar to over 160km. The dive sites can be accessed from Fuebgirola and Benalmadena. The Costa tropical is one of the favorite dive sites for many in this destination, home to moonfish, dolphins, and scorpion fish.

This destination is home to many wonderful dive sites; home Reef, Reethi Beach, Bat Fish, and Eagle Rays just to mention but a few. Most islands further offer great snorkeling opportunities. Diving in the Maldives is not for beginners, lest you receive scared by the turtles swimming along next to you.

Phuket in Thailand has arguably the best diving experiences, particularly in the Andaman Sea. If you wish to swim next to Manta Rays, Racha Noi South Point is the best place to visit. Shark point on the other hand offers you an opportunity to look Leopard Sharks and hidden scorpion fish hiding behind the corals.

Costa Rica
As you dive in these soothing waters in Central America, you receive an opportunity to look rare fish species such as spade fish, cow-nose rays, and seahorse. There are organized day and night trips that you can take to explore the wonderful sights. With the sea hares and tube worms coming from the corals, Costa Rican waters arrive to life at night.

Dominican Republic- Punta Cana
Where else can you receive the opportunity to experience the soothing Caribbean waters? Punta Cana is home to amazing corals, sponges, and shipwrecks, as well as many caves waiting for you to explore them. Diving at Punta Cana offers you an opportunity to dive with Nurse Sharks and Eagle Rays. The best time to visit Punta Cana is April through to September.

Hurghada, Egypt
This is a red sea beach resort known for offering diving lessons for beginners or those wishing to hone their diving skills. It boasts over 30 diving sites off the coast.

Marsa Alam, Egypt
Equally have spectacular snorkeling and diving opportunities with numerous tropical fish and marine species; sharks and sometimes even Dolphins. The place is less crowed than its counterparts, thus providing a great opportunity for exploring what it has on offer. Elphinstone reef is arguably the best dive site in this destination, spreading over 180m long and 20m wide. You receive to explore purple and pink lions, and might even arrive across the rare Lion Fish.

Sri Lanka
There are also great diving opportunities in Sri Lanka, and many shipwrecks waiting for your exploration, the most popular one being Cargo Wreck, together with cleaner shrimps and thousands of fish. The ruin is always intact keep for the propeller that shows you just how enormous the wreck is. You will be amazed by the many Lion Fish and Snappers rushing past you without even noticing your presence.

The world’s second longest barrier reef is located in the crystal clear waters just yards off the coast at Akumal, Mexico.  There are several PADI certified dive shops in Akumal where you can book dive trips, receive certified or rent equipment.  The diving is world class and only a short trip from the US.  You can rent our villa in Akumal and snorkel or dive on the reef just in front of the home.

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Driving to South Akumal from the Cancun Airport

map1When vacationing in Akumal, you will find that rental cars provide an economical form of transportation in and around the town.  You can take the direct route and steer from the Cancun airport to Akumal via Highway #307.

Akumal is an easy steer on a well-maintained four lane divided roadway from the Cancun airport.  We are located 100 kilometers south of the airport, which translates to a 1 to 1½ hour steer.

From the airport, take the first right leave road, Highway 307.  just follow the Playa del Carmen leave signs south onto the highway.  There is a gas station and McDonalds on the right just after getting on 307 if you need gas or a snack.  After 20 minutes, you can cease at Puerto Morelos for gas or a convenience store.  Although many gas stations are available in Mexico, it’s always a good idea to cease if you have less than a quarter of a tank of fuel left.

Further along highway 307, you will pass through Playa del Carmen.  There are numerous eateries here as well as mega superstores.  Don’t go over 80kph as they use radar extensively.

After you pass Puerto Aventuras, you are only 10 minutes from the Akumal leave.

To receive to South Akumal check your odometer at the overpass in Akumal and go exactly 4 kilometers past Akumal to the returno at Bahia Pricipe and then go back towards Akumal exactly 2 kilometers where you will look the steer for South Akumal  (Akumal Sur).

If you want to go to North Akumal just make a U-turn at the first returno after the overpass and then turn right at the overpass.  When entering the town of Akumal, you will pass an information stand.  This stand is an ideal place to pick up a local map of the area for current and future reference during your trip!

Just before the Arch, you will look the Super Chomack on your right, and Mulgren’s Lavenderia, Oshun Boutique, and Minisuper Las Palmas on your left.  The outdoor market may be open, and is a great area to buy some fresh produce for a taste of the local fare.  If you failed to make reservations before arriving in Akumal, the information stand will also be able to refer you to a reputable local establishment.

Something to note about local drivers in Mexico is that observing cease signs is considered optional.  Taxicabs have the right of way, and it is best to simply stay patient and allow the other drivers to do what they wish.

Defensive driving is the most important skill when operating a vehicle in and around Akumal.  Study the local driving laws prior to getting behind the wheel.  If you feel uncomfortable with driving in a foreign land, the task is best left to local professionals, and perhaps you should hire a cab driver.

You can rent our villa in South Akumal.

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The City with the Charming Skyline -- Chicago

Chicago is a beautiful city below the sun found on the shores of Lake Michigan, and is a great tourist destination particularly for lovers of jazz and blues music, theater and comedy. In terms of history, culture, and entertainment, no destination can beat Chicago. It boasts a wealthy architecture showcased by a number of skyscrapers that adorn the city’s skyline. Being a cosmopolitan city, Chicago accommodates people from different backgrounds and ethnicities, people who are very welcoming and friendly, something you can experience firsthand when you walk around the neighborhoods.
Perhaps the most beautiful thing about this city is that it is truly unique, able to accommodate and cater to the needs of every holidaymakers with varying vacationing budgets. From the opulent hotels, to restaurants, pubs, boutiques, you will always find a facility and service that is within your budget range, whether you are on a shoestring budget or are ready to overindulge and spoil yourself. Beaches, parks, museums, galleries, churches, are few of the attractions that will keep you gawking in Chicago and wishing you could return.   

Some of the notable places that you should visit include the Field Museum, the Shedd Aquarium, the Adler Planetarium, the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Art Institute of Chicago, the museum of Photography and the National Museum of Mexican Art. As is with any other tourist destination in the world, if you wish to receive discounts when using public transport or when visiting some of the tourist attractions such as museums and parks, you are advised to receive the tourist card – known as the City Pass and Go Chicago Card.

Notable parks in Chicago that you should visit include the Lincoln Park, the Midway Park, the Rogers Park, the Jackson Park, the Millennium Park, and the Grant Park. Away from museums and parks, you can visit ethnic neighborhoods that will give you a feel of the country or region represented. Some places you can visit include Chinatown, the Spanish Neighborhoods Little Village and Pilsen, Little Italy, Greektown, and the Polish neighborhood found on the Northwest part of the city.

You should also make a point of visiting the Chicago Zoo, one of the largest and most wonderful of its nice. Chicago has stood the test of time, experiencing gang violence, bombings, a huge flame that destroyed a big part of the city, and a major racial strife, to remain the attractive and glorious city that it is today with so much to offer its visitors. As mentioned, the skyline in Chicago is well adorned with attractive skyscrapers standing stately and demanding instant attention.

One notable building is the Sears Tower, which was once the tallest building in the whole country but was just recently eclipsed and identity changed to Willis Tower following its sale. Even so, the skyline is still a beautiful one and for a very good reason. After the first steel-framed building was erected back in 1885, Chicago became the pioneer of skyscrapers -- among them The Merchandise Mart, a favorite tourist edifice that is so huge it even has its possess zip code. The other landmark that adorns Chicago’s skyline is the Trump Tower, a striking attraction that you can hardly miss on your visit to Chicago.

The moment you land in Chicago, you will realize immediately why the city continues to inspire singers, artists, and writers, and why it continues to attract multitudes of tourists each year. If you have never visited Chicago, you are missing out a great deal. Make a point to visit one of the most vital pieces of cultural history man has ever known.

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Holidays Celebrated in Mexico

Just the mention of holiday making the first place that is most likely to arrive to mind is Mexico. It is one place synonymous with festivities and holiday making, thanks to the hospitable Mexicans and the warm and enchanting weather. Mexico is sandwiched between the United States and Central America, thereby sharing the best of both worlds so to talk. Despite the fact that people adore to visit this wonderland of a place, it has received very negative criticism because of the many crimes associated with the destination. However, most people still look Mexico is the perfect tourist destination if not for anything else for the aesthetic beauty and hospitality.

Mexico as a country celebrates a number of different main holidays which fall below three major categories – statutory holidays, civic holidays, and festivities. As is with most countries, statutory holidays are celebrated countrywide with every public servant and students allowed to take a paid day off. Civic holidays on the other hand are just like statutory holidays but employees are not essentially entitled to a day off from their duties. As for festivities, it is any holiday that is celebrated not only in Mexico but everywhere else in the world such as mom’s day, dad’s day, Valentine’s Day, New Year, Christmas Day, and many more.

When you say that Mexico celebrates very many holidays, it would be seen as an understatement because the holidays are quite different and celebrated on different days of the year, each holiday having its possess unique and significant meaning. Ano Nuevo is one good example of a holiday in Mexico which is celebrated on the first day of every New Year. Dia de Indepencia is the other notable holiday in Mexico celebrated in memory of the day Mexico started its first Independence War.

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday celebrated not only in Mexico but in other countries where Mexican residents reside. This holiday falls below the civic holiday category and is one of the most famous of every holidays. every Souls Day is also a noteworthy holiday falling below the festivities category and celebrated in honor of every the people who have passed on.

The over mentioned holidays are few of the many celebrated in Mexico and beyond. This only means that there is a celebration for everyone, be it the kids, men, women, mothers, fathers, etc. the events therefore leave something for everyone to be glad and rejoice about. Certainly where there is a celebration there must be delicious and delectable food cooked, natty items and souvenirs being sold and passed around and generally an every-around gathering of glad people.

In addition to the many holidays in Mexico that can woo you into taking a vacation there, relax assured there are enough high quality yet affordable accommodations and hotels which the entire family can relax and stay there for as long as possible. Tourist attractions also abound in Mexico, be it museums, parks, landmarks, historical sites, or even the fantastic and picturesque beach line. every this and many more give you a reason to consider Mexico as your holiday destination when planning for your upcoming getaway.

Why not experience the next Mexican Holiday at our villa for rent in Akumal, Mexico?

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Luxury Accommodations in Akumal Mexico

Akumal Villa for Rent

Akumal Villa for Rent

Experience the trip of a lifetime in our private home that’s right on the beach in South Akumal, Mexico. Our villa is truly a “home in paradise”. The dazzling sun, blue ocean, chilly wind and verdant jungle foliage is a perfect setting for your next holiday. Walk through the bamboo and bougainvillea filled main garden into a genuine Mexican home!

Villa Paraiso, a luxurious villa located directly on the Akumal coast only 62 miles south of the Cancun airport, is the ideal location to relax with family and friends. Villa Paraiso is a dream vacation rental, located inside a secure gated community.

The home is surrounded by jungle foliage and beautiful beaches, with the emerald crystal waters of the ocean. The villa offers spectacular sea panoramas and natural lighting from virtually anywhere in and around the villa.

Villa Paraiso is the ideal place to relax after a fun day of shopping, diving, and touring. These are every popular tourist activities in the area, however just relaxing on the beachfront might be preferable!

There is a new Robert Trent Jones 27 hole championship golf course, opening in the Summer of 2009 directly across the highway from the villa. This beautiful golf course is open to the public, so bring your best game! There is also a 9 hole Par 3 course and a practice course if you don’t have time for a full game. A 12 mile steer will bring you to Puertos Aventuras, where another professional golf course awaits you.

Archaeological buffs can like a trip to look the Mayan ruins of Tulum only 6 miles south of the villa. Tulum offers a unique view into the lives and living spaces of the elite Mayan civilization members. Contrasted with the intricate carvings and superb architecture, the thick surrounding walls enabled the city’s resistance to influence from outsiders over several thousand years.

The home is equipped with central air conditioning, which is unusual in the area of Akumal. An onsite swimming pool and Jacuzzi allow you to relax and sun on the deck.

Upstairs, a wet bar is available to fix a delicious drink made with fresh tropical fruits. Downstairs, the breakfast bar, dining room and fully-stocked kitchen allow for an intimate first meal of the day. You can use the fully equipped gourmet kitchen to prepare your meals or have our cook cook for you.

If you want to stay connected with the outside world, satellite television and unlimited free long distance phone calls are furnished. A stereo, DVR player, CD player and high speed Wi-Fi service also allows you to entertain and work if necessary.

Two flame proof safes allow for safekeeping of your valuables while away from the villa, though a private security service goes a long way in preventing unwanted events. A daily maid service ensures you are never required to exert yourself while visiting Akumal.

Linens and towels are provided for every everyone up to a maximum of 8 guests. Ceiling fans are also installed to help circulate the chilly air from the central service for a relaxing effect after a day in the hot sun.

A charcoal grill allows you to cook for every and invite guests to like a silent evening at “home”! An outdoor shower also enables you to rinse off salt and sand or simply experience the beautiful surroundings in your daily grooming activities.

Two complimentary massages, hammocks and kayaks are every available to guests of Villa Paraiso to create the ultimate dream vacation package!

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The Beaches of Costa Rica

The tiny country of Costa Rica has very many attractive beaches, with each having a unique setting for each holiday maker’s needs. The best beaches in Costa Rica have been responsible for the millions of holidaymakers who throng this part of the world each year. You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to enjoying water activities and sports -- be it windsurfing, swimming, surfing, snorkeling etc. Here is a list of the leading 9 best beaches in Costa Rica.

- Playa Dominical is thought to be the best surfing beach the world over. It is strategically located 44km south of the famous Manuel Antonia National Park and offers the most splendid and beautiful landscape covered with colossal plantations, estuaries, coastal mangroves, and marshes.

- Playa Tamarindo is thought to be a laid-back and somewhat expensive beach but the town offers posh hotels that have mouthwatering bed and breakfast meals, great shopping experience, and pristine beaches, no wonder tourists can’t help but spend in this beautiful destination in the world.

- Playa Hermosa or Hermosa Beach if you like is for those looking for a holiday destination that is less crowded. Costa Rica has two Hermosa beaches – one close Jaco and the other in Guanacaste. Hermosa construes to mean ‘beautiful’ in Spanish, and is sandwiched between two haughty mountains

- Also worth noting is Montezuma, the beach found on the south of Nicoya Peninsula and which is synonymous with surfers and youths. Just like Playa Dominical, this is also a laid-back destination notable for attractive estuaries and natural mangroves.

- The Playa Conchal beaches are synonymous with tiny crushed shells scattered every over the beach, offering a soothing feeling as one walks along the shores. This beach is located in close proximity to the Playa Brasilito, and is loved by holidaymakers who adore sports fishing, swimming, and snorkeling

- Less developed beaches such as Playa Mananillo are also becoming synonymous with tourists, especially those who adore to surf. The white sandy beach stretches down to the Pacific. It boasts attractive almond trees that provide shade for holidaymakers who adore to read as they relish the serenity of the waters.

- The Manuel Antonio beaches together with the amazing horseshoe bays are the leading favorite in the world, thanks to the magnificent waterfalls and breathtaking hilltops sandwiched in the jungle. Surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, diving are few of the activities that await you in this destination.

- The 8th beach in Costa Rica is Tortuguero, located north of Limon. It is surrounded by charming thick palm trees and freshwater canals. These beaches are however considered unsafe because of the unpredictable currents but their pristine nature is well worth appreciating.

- If you would rather relish the lavishness of a well developed beach, look no further beyond Playa Jaco, which is strategically located close San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica. The capital has no beach of its possess yet, but Playa Jaco offers a number of services and when compared to Tamarindo beaches, it is a lot more affordable if you are looking to live close bistros, hotels, and surf shops.

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Florida Alligator Hunt!

Wanna go alligator hunting? Then head for the Florida Everglades. If you are an outdoors type person and you like the sport of hunting as I do, you should sign up for one of the alligator hunts that are available.

These hunts will provide you with a full time, very experienced guide that has accumulated many years of familiarity in this type of work. Often times the guides that you receive have been active hunters and fishermen in the state of Florida for several decades and have handled many alligator hunts over the years.

Usually the programs are conducted on private land such as cattle ranches, sugar cane and farm operations as well as around the citrus groves. Many of the guides have access to leased wetlands which are the preferred habitat of alligators. In addition you can find several that offer legal hunts conducted on either private or public waters located on federal or state owned land.

If you should elect to participate in one of the public water hunts that are conducted through out the state on a variety of public rivers, lakes or wetlands you will find that these hunts are encouraged by the Florida conservation commission. This commission designates what areas the hunting can be conducted on. Naturally state permits are required and the state provides over four-thousand Alligator permits annually. Keep in mind that these permits are generally issued on a first arrive - first serve basis.

The hunts are usually conducted around the Southern Florida area close Lake Okeechobee or in the Florida Everglades depending upon the allow obtained. The only time that these public hunts are conducted is during the months of August to November of each year.

In order to add to the excitement of the hunt they are usually conducted in the evening and by airboat. The guide will arrange every the necessary paperwork such as the permits, licenses and tags while every that is required from you is to be there. The legal weapons that can be used for these hunts are bows and crossbow, harpoons and a bang stick.

Depending upon the type of weather for the evening of the hunt the client should look several hundred different alligators on their airboat trip. Since most of these hunts are close up you are certain to experience a thrilling adventure that will last you a lifetime.

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Want to Know About Akumal Mexico?

Sunrise in Akumal

Sunrise in Akumal

The more you know about Akumal, Mexico, the more excited you will be when you visit this paradise. Therefore, in the months or weeks leading up to your trip you should spend a litle time doing research so that you can learn more about Akumal.

To discover more about Akumal, Mexico, you can easily turn to the Internet. The Internet has a wealth of information, providing historical and straight information as well as tips and reviews from other vacationers who have been to the area. The site,, has many interesting stories about the Akumal Mexico area. This type of information can provide everything you need to know about many parts of your vacation, including the good places to eat, stay, store, and explore. We will tell you what we have enjoyed and what to watch out for, while the other sites will tell you every about other areas that you plan to visit.

In addition to this type of information, you can also learn more through Akumal hotel, resort, and tourism websites. Each site will provide you with pictures of their accommodations, a list of local attractions and activities, and typically, a short history of the area. They may also give information about things that they provide, which will not only help you learn more about Akumal, but also help you organize your daily agenda while on vacation.

Although their objective is to talk you to visit Akumal, the information that they provide about their property and the area needs to be correct or they will start to lose business. So, you can usually believe the information from a website, especially the information that they portray about local actitivies and the history of Akumal.

Alternatively you can learn more about Akumal is through a travel agent. It is the responsibility of a travel agent to know a wealth of information about their main destinations or at least be able to give you the information. Even if you do not expect to use a travel agent, you can still receive some information through them.

A trip to Akumal and the Mayan Riviera area of Mexico would not be complete without a visit to one of the many Mayan ruins in the area. This area is in the heart of this ancient civilization that still influences the art, food and culture of the Yucatan today. Akumal and its surrounding area were major trade routes for the Mayans and historians are continuing to uncoverstill uncovering many ruins of this once mighty civilization.

One of the nicest ruins to visit not only close Akumal but in every of the country is Tulum. There are also the Coba and Xel-Ha which are every conveniently located not far from Akumal and other areas in the Mayan Riveria region. They are an easy steer by automobile or if you prefer, you can arrange to take a tour bus.

A trip to Akumal, Mexico can be a learning and bonding experience for the whole family. Discover the history and the culture of the land. Learn about the sea and what activities you can like in the water. Plan your trip based on the subject that interests you most. The more you learn about Akumal, the more interesting it will be once you finally arrive.

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Atomic, Idaho

Our recent trip through Idaho took us into some very interesting areas. Along the way we chanced upon the Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot, an actual steer in movie theater that features the world’s largest potato in the city of Driggs but the most impressive item that we encountered on our trip was the tiny former nuclear town located at Atomic, Idaho. This town was directly on US 26 as we headed west out of Idaho Falls.

I had to search my memory high and low trying to determine when and where the government conducted any of its earlier nuclear experiment in Idaho. Previously Atomic City was known as Midway more then likely due to its location between the towns of Arco and Blackfoot. Initially the town was home for the government’s experimental breeder reactor and it is the site of the first nuclear reactor to ever generate electricity. The nearby Pickle's Place cafe is the home of the "Atomic Burger".

Atomic City was once the most impressive city actively promoting a nuclear future however today it is nearly a ghost town and the only remains of its past glory lies in its name. There are currently only about 25 people that still reside in the town for most of the population has long ago moved elsewhere or past away. Those families that remain are retired and therefore do not need to actively work. The main road of town remains unpaved since there are not enough citizens to actually accumulate the necessary funds to repair public roads and streets. Since the median income of the town is less then $10,000 dollars it certainly doesn’t have any extra money to go around.

This isolated ghost town has an old gas station which no longer is permitted to sell gas due to the underground tank regulations established by the government. It also has a post office as well a local bar. The old abandoned Atomic City Raceway is now nothing more then weeds although occasionally in the summer you may find a few stock car races taking place. If you are a photo nut then you will certainly like the many opportunities to take pictures of the past age signs that are abound as you enter the town.

As we entered the ghost town we saw several of the locals that were casually sitting on their porch and they waved to us in a friendly manner from their double wide trailer. We stopped to talk to several of the locals and they certainly seemed friendly enough in fact they even offered us a chilly beer from their nearby cooler which we graciously accepted.

Although there really is nothing of value to look here it is well worth the steer merely to talk to some of the local citizens and receive a different view on the area.

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Last Day in the Kootenays

We had a busy last day in the Kootenays. After a hardy breakfast we cranked up the SeaDoos and headed across the lake. It was fun riding along the shore and seeing the cliffs and giant boulders. There were no houses on that side of the lake. When we came to a big stream that emptied into the lake the temperature dropped 20 degrees. The crystal clear stream was runoff from a nearby glacier.

On returning to the home we packed the Jeep with a picnic lunch and headed into the mountains. The logging road followed a mountain stream for a while before turning up the mountain. There were many switchback and hairpin turns as we climbed and passing other cars was difficult on the narrow road. Fortunately, there were very few cars and no logging trucks. The wild flowers were in full bloom and gorgeous. We looked for bears and elk but only caught a glimpse of a few deer. As we neared the summit there was a tiny flat area with a picnic table. Perfect! The dogs enjoyed the trip up the mountain and had a great time exploring while we ate. After a lunch we headed back down the mountain. It's amazing how much steeper the road looks going down rather than up.

For dinner we drove down to Gray Creek where their friends owned a bed and breakfast with a charming restaurant and 10 cabins on the lake. The sun was just setting behind the mountain as we began dinner on the deck overlooking the lake. Susan had rack of lamb, our friends had the grilled prawn and I had a steak. The wife had baked each individual's bread in a 4" terracotta blossom pot. It was unique, beautiful and delicious. It was a pretty amazing operation with the man and his wife as the only employees and they have done this for the last ten years. He was the cook and she was the waitress. He doubles as the handyman and she is also the maid. She gets up every morning and bakes fresh muffins for the guests and leaves the hot muffins hanging on each door. With hot coffee and muffins I might not receive up for breakfast. They then cook each guest a full breakfast in the restaurant. Breakfast and dinner are included in the rate and the food is fabulous. They are booked solid and are only are open the 5 summer months so they have the relax of the year to relax. They are quite environmentally conscious and this is a picture of their home with a dirt roof. That is one of their pet goats 'mowing' the roof!

We have had a wonderful time in the Kootenays and hate to leave but it's up early tomorrow to catch the 7:10am ferry. Thanks to our friends for inviting us up!

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Learn More about Akumal Mexico

Akumal Beach

The more you know about Akumal, Mexico, the more exciting you will be to vacation in this land of paradise. Therefore, the months or weeks leading up to your trip should be spent doing research so that you can learn more about Akumal.

To learn more about Akumal, Mexico, you can easily turn the Internet. The Internet is a wealth of information, providing historical and accurate information as well as tips and reviews from other travelers who have taken a trip to the area. This site,, has many interesting articles about the Akumal Mexico area.  This type of information can provide every you need to know about many parts of your vacation, including the best places to eat, stay, store, and explore. We will tell you what we have enjoyed and what to watch out for, while the other sites will tell you every about other areas that you plan to visit.

In addition to this type of information, you can also learn more through Akumal hotel, resort, and tourism websites. Each hotel will provide you with pictures of their accommodations, a list of local attractions and activities, and typically, a brief history of the area. They may also provide information about items that they provide, which will not only help you learn more about Akumal, but also help you plan your daily activities while on vacation.

Although their objective is to tug you into the area, the information that they provide about their hotel and the area needs to be accurate or they will start to lose business. Therefore, you can typically trust the information from a website, including the information that they provide about local attractions and the history of the area.

Another way that you can learn more about Akumal is through a travel agent. It is the job of a travel agent to know a wealth of information about their top destinations or at least be able to provide that information to customers. Even if you do not plan to book your trip through a travel agent, you can still find a lot of information through them.

A trip to Akumal, Mexico can be a learning and bonding experience for the whole family. Discover the history and culture of the land. Learn about the sea and what activities you can like in the water. Plan your days based on the information that interests you most. The more you learn about Akumal, the more fascinating it will be once you finally arrive.

Browse the Travel Links at

Akumal Traveler

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The Lighthouses of Delaware

Since the state of Delaware is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean one can discover a vast assortment of lighthouses if you look closely. In the Lewes, Delaware area you can find boat tours that have been put together with the specific purpose of visiting the many lighthouses that have been protecting ships for over 100 years. The tour around the Cape May lighthouse area generally lasts for 7 hours. It is in every reality a multi-lighthouse tour of the area as you receive to visit nine of the most popular lighthouses between New Jersey and Delaware. Those lighthouses include the Cape May lighthouse, the inner and outer breakwater lighthouses, Brandywine lighthouse, Miah Maul lighthouse, Fourteen Foot lighthouse, Elbow of Crossedge, boat John Shoal and the Crossledge lighthouse. In total there are nine lighthouses that you will receive to look on the grand tour.

The tours are generally conducted aboard very luxurious ships with cushioned seating and plenty of air conditioning or heated cabin space. The upper decks are usually partially covered as well and gift a wondrous view of the surrounding ocean.

What could be better then to like your breakfast on one of these cruise ships as you slowly pass one of the lighthouses that is on your itinerary? You and your family can sit and like a delightful meal of Danish, Bagels, Donuts, Toast, Tea, Coffee, and Hot Chocolate and of course Juice. According to the time of your tours departure it is possible that you will be able to like a lunch consisting of a Cheese or Veggie Tray as well as a selection of fresh local fruit and a variety of sandwiches. At certain times of the day hot menus are readily available for those who so desire then and are composed of Spiced Pork Tenderloin or Stuffed Tilapia. Eating on your lighthouse cruise is a culinary delight.

The series of lighthouses that you will look during the cruise were constructed between the 19th and the 20th Century. every the lighthouses are still intact and fully operational although they are unmanned and completely automated at this time. Many of them are constructed on pedestals and the nearest land can not be seen from the lighthouses.

every the trips include the necessary narratives to further explain the area and the lighthouses. Here is your opportunity to like a visit to the first state and indulge in some great photos to enhance your album when you receive home.

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Tropical Malaysia

Malaysia popularly known as "Truly Asia" is the most attractive and well-known tourist destination in the South East of Asia. It attracts tourist from every over the world for its exotic marine life, nightlife, pristine beaches, international shopping malls, long coastlines, skyscpapers and infrastructure, beautiful below water world of the islands, lush tropical rain forests and scenic beauty. Its sultry climate attracts a lot of tourist from every over the world.

The diversified tourist destinations of Malaysia comprises of Kuala Lumpur-the garden city of light,Putrajaya-the newly developed city,Mallaca-the delightful old town,Penang-the heaven for food and culture,Perhentian island-the dream island, National park,sabah-known for eco-tourism,Langkawi,Cameron Highland and sarawak.

Kuala Lampur is the capital and the ultra modern middle of Malaysia. It is situated in Peninsular Malaysia, the heart of selangor state. The worth visiting places in Kuala Lumpur are Petronas Twin Towers, National Museum, central Market, vibrant Chinatown, bustling night markets and a little of Indian culture. Petronas twin towers, a master piece of earth is the second tallest building in the world after recently built Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Kuala Lampur is a wonderful destination for shopping, recreation, nightlife and sightseeing, envious shopping malls, mouth watering food, Chinese cultural festivals. The worth visiting places in Kuala Lampur includes Istana Negara (National Palace), Kuala Lamour Tower, the Putra World Trade Centre.

Putrajay located in the south of Kuala Lampur is the newly developed city .Most of the government office of Malaysia can be found there. The most famous places to visit here are Perdena, Putra, Putra Mosque, Putra Bridge, and Seriwawasan Bridge.

Situated in the south of Malaysia is a beautiful old town called Mallaca which presents an interesting mix of different cultures like Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese and British cultures.
Tourist enjoys seeing the Chinese streets, temples, antique shops parts of European colonial area and the nostalgic Dutch buildings .These include the ST. Paul Hill, Jonker's Walk, Portuguese Settlement village, A'Farmosa Fort.

Penang is the paradise for food and culture lovers. It is located in the North West coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The worth seeing places include George Town, Penang Bridge, Snake Temple, Fort Cornwallis, War Museum, Kek Lok Si Temple. George Town is a very compact oldest British settlement and the countries leading resort areas. The beautiful old Chinese houses, Mahjong games, glimpses of Asian life, trishaws captures the eyes of the tourist in the city of George Town.

Perhentian Island consisting of two island-Big Perhentian and tiny Perhentian is located in the state of Terengganu. This island is a heavenly place for snorkeling fans and scuba divers. Tourist loves this place also for sunbathing and turtle and shark watching.

The three states namely Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan encompass the National Park located in the peninsular Malaysia. This gastromical paradise attracts tourist to the home
of some rare mammals like the Indochinese Tiger, Asian Elephant and Sumatran Rhinoceros. The tropical rain forest, jungle trekking, bird Watching, adds up to the delightful experience of the tourist coming from every over the world.

Sabah is a tropical paradise that amazes the tourist with the presence of both beaches and island. Earlier it was known as the” Land Below the Wind" as it lies below the typhoon belt.Kinabalu National Park is Malaysia's first" World Heritage Site" and the most popular biological sites in the world. It is located on the west coast of Sabah covering an area of 754 square kilometers surrounding Mount Kinabalu. It has become an outstanding tourist spot in Malaysia.

Langkawi is one of the most wonderful tourist destinations in south East Asia. It is famous for its nostalgic sandy beaches, scenic beauty, nightlife, tasty food, as well as world-class resort, spas and hotels. It is the best place to go, relax and like.

Cameron Highland is located in the centre of Peninsular Malaysia. It is popular for its beautiful scenery, eye catching tea plantation, amazing butterfly farm, strawberry farms, hill stations, waterfalls, jungle walks, plenty of wild flowers and beautiful gardens.

Sarawak is a lovely Malaysian island state known for its flora and fauna and deep jungles. Tourist can witness various types of animals around this beautiful island, dive into the crystal clear sea and colorful marine life.

The mouth watering and tasty food of Malaysia also attracts a big number of tourists from every over the world. Right from spicy Malay food, Chinese food to Indian and Portuguese food, everything is just electrifying. The most popular Malaysian delicacies include chicken rice, fried noodles, satay, roti canai and rendang.Western food chains are also equally famous. Nyonya cuisine also dominates the taste of tourists.

Malaysia is an excellent spa holiday destination. The numerous luxurious resorts provide the best spa treatments of Malaysia. Different spa therapies, traditional Asian facial, body messages helps to cleanse, restore, refine and hydrate our skin.

Today Malaysia has emerged as one of the strongest economies of Asia. The economic growth of its country is contributed by its tourism sector to a great deal. Thus millions of tourist visits this beautiful and lovely country every year.

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Byrd Avenue teacher brings travels to the classroom

Byrd Avenue Primary School teacher Kim James left Thursday for Mexico, where she will immerse herself in the culture and learn the language.

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Beautiful and Historic Florence Italy

Florence is one of the most attractive places to visit in Italy thanks to the wealthy cultural and historic heritage the area boasts of. Florence is the capital city of Tuscany and is located besides the beautiful banks of river Arno, in close proximity to the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Seas. The City of Florence was founded by the Romans in the 1st century and since then, it has grown in bits and bounds particularly between the 1200s and the 1600s to a desirable tourist destination that it is today characterized by a booming local industry, commerce and tourism.

Accommodation in the city of Florence is not a problem as there are many hotels centrally located within the city middle as well as on the outskirts. Be advised though that due to the popular destination that Florence has become, most of the hotels receive fully booked during peak tourism season, hence it is advisable to book your accommodation weeks in advance. Important to note also is that the accommodation can be quite expensive but with some little research, you can be able to receive cheaper alternatives. The area around the green Viale dei Colli, is where most hotels are located.

‘Trattories’ or ‘Ristoranti’ is the local name given to restaurants in the city of Florence. The restaurants are synonymous mouthwatering delicacies from different cultural backgrounds. Lunch, the main meal of the day, is normally served at around 1 pm while dinner is served between 8 pm and 9 pm. The costs of meals in the menu don’t include the service charges hence you should plan accordingly.

As mentioned, tourism is the backbone of the economy of the city of Florence and thousands of tourists flock this part of Italy every year to relax and relish beautiful views, as well as admire the impressive architecture, famous works of art and historical buildings. Some of the major attractions in Florence include the Palazzo Strozzi, the Piazza del Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio, and the Campanile di Giotto.

Nearly every museums in Florence have very important art exhibitions as well as great exhibits that have stood the test of time. Ensure you visit the National Archeological Museum and the Uffizi Gallery. Looking to relax and unwind, ensure you visit the Chianti area located between the city of Siena and Florence. Here, you will look the most impressive countryside landscapes in Italy and some of the well-known vineyards.

The city of Florence is accessible by air through the Amerigo Vespucci Airport located Just 5 km / 3 miles from the heart of the city. In the city, there is a well-structured transport system made up of taxis, railway services, and orange ATAF buses. To have a good time in Florence, many people prefer to rent a car. The A1 motorway is a well-structured transport network that links Florence to every major Italian cities such as Rome, Milan, Bologna, and Naples. It also links Florence to some of the coastal resorts and places such as Pisa and Lucca.

M Gravlee is a retired newspaper publisher who spends several months a year traveling.

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The Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico

Sunrise in the Yucatan

Sunrise in the Yucatan

Yucatan Peninsula has become the newest and the most famous tourist destination in Mexico. Not only does its popularity stem from its excellent tropical location and the fact that it has many new and exciting options to offer the tourist but also due to the vast amount of activities that are provided to the visitors to this area. Every tourist or visitor which arrives in the Peninsula regardless of their lifestyle surely discovers that he or she is looking for an interesting and different vacation then what they normally engage in. Here in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico they can readily find this escape.

There are a lot of Maya archaeological sites throughout the Yucatan. The best known are Chichen Itza, Tulum and Uxmal. Indigenous Maya and Mestizos of partial Maya descent still make up a sizable portion of the peninsula’s population and Mayan language is still widely spoken although it is slowly dying out.

The Yucatán Peninsula once was a cattle ranching, logging, chicle and henequen production area. But recently it has turned its economy towards tourism, especially in the state of Quintana Roo. Cancún, Once a tiny fishing village, has grown into a thriving city. The Riviera Maya, which stretches along the east coast of the peninsula between Cancún and Tulum, currently has more than 50,000 beds including world class resorts and charming beach side villas and has become a major tourist destination. The best-known locations are the former fishing village of Akumal, Playa del Carmen, the ecological parks Xcaret and Xel-Há and the Mayan ruins of Tulum.

As an example if you happen to be one of the many eco-tourists which arrive daily you will find that the snorkeling or scuba diving in one of the countries many coral reefs can be a very exciting pastime. For the amateur or professional archeologist or even the curious visitor who likes to traces the various roots of the past with such artifacts as antiques or visits to historical ruins then you would certainly like the Coba Great Pyramid or the Chichen Itza’s El Castillo.

The Mexican traditional market is full of antique items which you can purchase as souvenirs for friends, family or simply to place in your office as conversation pieces. Yucatan is also famous as a destination where those tense feelings just disappear and you can unwind and relax. The calm beaches coupled with many of the comfortable places for the visitor to stay in make this paradise a great means of relaxation. kids on the other hand will surely like the themed ecological parks in the area such as Xel Ha or Xcaret. They will willingly receive in touch with mom Nature as they take some of the exciting tours offered within the parks.

Finally, for the mom and dad shopping and dining represent one of the essential elements for a great vacation in this area of Mexico. Hospitable Mexican people are every smiles as they show you their best buys or offer you some of their specialty cuisines. There are many activities that you can receive involved with such as playing golf, swimming or even a romantic candle light dinner with the ocean as your backdrop.

Here in one package you have wonderful people, great weather, excellent cuisine and romantic surroundings. These are only a few of the important and reassuring reasons to pick the Yucatan when planning your next vacation.

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Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

We awoke to a beautiful clear morning. A perfect day for a 30 minute boat trip to Nelson, a town of about 10,000 located at the end of the west arm of Kootenay Lake. After breakfast we boarded our friends 28' Bennington pontoon deck boat. The boat rode like a dream even when crossing other boat wakes. We were cruising along at 25 mph when a bunch of kids in a ski boat came upon us going full speed at about 40 mph. When they were just about even with us our pal eased his throttle up a little to match their speed. After a few seconds he pushed it full forward and it felt like we were shot out of a gun. The look on the kids faces was priceless! Turns out he had replaced the factory engine with a big block V-8 and added a turbocharger and some racing mods. It topped out at 63mph on the GPS. His neighbors call the boat 'The Flying Bedstead".

When we arrived at Nelson we walked around town and had a great lunch at a cafe overlooking the lake. Nelson is known as a cultural centre. The town has many good restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, shops, art galleries and the restored Capitol Theatre, a hub for the performing arts. Nelson, the "Number One tiny Town Arts Community in Canada" is home to a big and diverse artisan community. During the summer art exhibits are held throughout the downtown area with refreshments, musicians and artwork. Nelson also has regular farmer's markets where local artisans can be found selling a unique and diverse variety of fruits, vegetables, arts, crafts and imports. Nelson is a well-known for it's alternative lifestyles. Many American draft dodgers settled in Nelson during the Vietnam War era and became permanent residents. Hemp clothes and cannabis-related products are readily available in local stores.

After lunch I drove the boat back home, arriving just in time for an afternoon nap.

Tomorrow we go on a picnic in the mountains...

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Kootenay Lake, British Columbia, Canada

After leaving Coeur d'Alene we enjoyed the scenic 4 hour steer up to Kootenay Lake to spend a few days with our friends. The Corvette got another fun workout with the winding mountain roads.

Kootenay is one of the largest natural lakes in British Columbia, about 100 km in length and varying from 3 to 5 km in wide. The water is crystal clear and over 400' deep at some points. In 1947 the free car ferry terminal moved from Gray Creek to Kootenay Bay and soon the highway, which was part of the Trans Canada Highway, was paved through to the ferry landing.With the new upgraded highway and with increased traffic along came cabins, restaurants and a gas station and garage. Today, Kootenay Bay continues to offer hospitality to the traveling public, and is home to about 100 people.

After spending a few days in July visiting Dallas, TX and staying with our son in his new home in University Park and then with friends in their beautiful new home on Lake Ray Hubbard we continue with our Grand Tour of Spectacular Homes. This luxurious log style home has a huge great room complete with a giant rock fireplace, bar, two sitting areas, a 70" flat screen TV, a projection TV and regulation pool table. It has 5 bedrooms, 6 baths and a gourmet kitchen plus a full basement. Not bad for a lake home! And did I mention the view? Wow!

Another couple joined us for dinner that night. Our hostess prepared Coquilles St. Jacques and followed up with a beef tenderloin. For dessert we had a homemade brownie with ice cream and fresh berries. We enjoyed a nightcap and headed to bed.

Tomorrow we take the deckboat to Nelson...

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A Typical Akumal Vacation

Different climatic conditions will more often than not determine a holiday maker’s decision to visit a particular tourist destination but not so in the sultry Mexican Caribbean. When other ‘best’ tourist destinations are experiencing the icy weather, the Caribbean becomes every the more attractive and irresistible even during the winter. Even though there are some specific places in the Caribbean that tend to overcrowd, some little research will show you other pristine destinations in the Caribbean that are less crowded. Take for example Akumal, it boasts the same set of panoramas with fewer people milling around.

Akumal is located a few miles, circa 100km south of Cancun and among other things, it guarantees total satisfaction, thanks to the numerous activities you can like and the great opportunities provided to you for relaxation and unwinding. It is on the Caribbean coast, located in a place known as the Mayan Riviera. Even though Akumal used to be very remote a few years back, the place still enjoys some level of serenity and quietness than most of the other tourist destinations in Mexico. As such, you receive to relish a breathtaking beach ideal for sailing, swimming, and surfing in the quietest atmosphere without having to worry about fighting for an ideal spot in your beach seat or having to argue with underage drinkers.

The name Akumal means ‘a place of turtles’, and true to its name, the place is full of sea turtles. Actually, there is a not-for-profit NGO that specializes in marine research, preservation and protection of sea turtle thus if you have a soft spot for these amazing beach dwellers, you can take a break away from the beaches and water activities and visit the centre to learn a thing or two about turtles.

The coral reef gardens, famously referred to as the ‘Jewel of the Caribbean’, and which adorn the scenario are another main attraction that attracts divers from every walks of life. The Akumal reef forms part of the famous Mesoamerican Reef and covers a 450 miles stretch along the Yucatan Peninsula down to the Honduras. The reefs are home to a high miscellany of marine life made up of fishes, reptiles, and mammals, every which you can sample at the Akumal Mexico’s bays.
But when every is said and done, to ensure you immerse yourself totally into the laid-back and relaxing lifestyle that Akumal boasts of, ensure you rent a vacation property. Such a unique getaway truly deserves a unique accommodation, exactly how a condo, beach home, or villa can be classified in this part of the world. Rather than rent a normal hotel that will feel familiar, you should rent a true gem that will feel as unique as an Akumal vacation, and one that will compliment your needs and tastes.

You will be very surprised to find that even though the properties which are drop dead gorgeous may seem expensive, they are pocket-friendly and bargain friendly, especially if you do your homework early enough. Doing proper homework and research early enough will give you an unimaginable bargain for a charming vacation property with lots of stellar amenities and space that will propel your holiday into a stratosphere and make it a memorable one.

And it’s usually best to rent directly from the owners instead from some rental agency.

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Activities for Kids in Akumal Mexico

kidsIf you bring the kids to Akumal on vacation, there are many activities available which are perfect for the younger members of the group.  It’s important to keep the kids busy and entertained in every of the exciting activities available in Akumal.

Aside from touring the local Mayan ruins, snorkeling is perhaps the most popular activity for every travelers to Akumal, and some of the locations are especially perfect for the kids.  With a few safety precautions, the kids can partake in this fun with little possibility of injury or accident.

Well fitted life vests should be worn by each child. Most houses provide these life vests free of charge.  These will not only cease deadly accidents in the water, but will help to cover their body and cease sunburn in this area.  It should also be applied frequently to avoid major skin damage from the tropical Caribbean sun!

Yal-Ku Lagoon offers an optimum site for young snorkelers.  The calm waters of the area are free of choppy waters and multiple waves, allowing them to look the bright sea life easily.  The bay in front of the villas in South Akumal also is excellent because of the reef blocking the waves.

A day at the beach is loved by every, and the kids can busy themselves with the pliable sand every day long.  Buckets and shovels provide the chance to make sand castles while you relax and watch the kids play.  A sandy beach in front of your rental is a huge plus.  Most rental houses also have a fresh water pool with a deck for the family to like.  Many also have kyacks for you to paddle.

Always discuss with the kids the importance of being aware of your surroundings before a day at the beach.  They should not walk on turtle nests or dig around in them for fear of destroying eggs buried beneath the sand.

The Jungle Place is a great place to take the animal-loving kids in the group.  It is a sanctuary for spider monkeys situated four miles south of Akumal neat the town of Chemuyil.  Here, they can look many of the local wild animals which are caged or chained for safety.  They may also play with the monkeys and talk to the many colorful parrots located here.

Places like Xel Ha, Hidden Worlds, Dolphin Adventures and Actun Chen offer something for everyone in the family, and are good for even the tiny kids.  Hike the jungle to cenotes, visit a cavern, ride the zip-line in the jungle, swim with the dolphins, tube down a river, jump from a cliff, or eat homemade ice cream available at many of the local eateries.  They are every within a few minute steer of Akumal.

Determining whether your kids are adventurous, interested in animals and nature, or simplyenjoy to play in the water every day will help you to pick the best for them to partake in.  Discuss with your kids about what they would prefer to look and do while in Akumal, and try to do at least one thing that even the kids want to experience.

Rent our home in Alumal Mexico!

Akumal Dream Vacation

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Congratulations to our Entrecard Top Droppers for August!
We appreciate you 'dropping' by our blog.

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Beyond the Beach: Delta Vacations Reveals Mexico’s Top 10 Cultural Tours

It’s no secret that most parents want their families to do more than just build sandcastles on their vacations in Mexico. That’s why Delta Vacations, a leading provider of world-cl

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